Reiki, which is Global Life Energy, is a holistic treatment that has changed millions of lives. Reiki helps to heal on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. You can find supporting information at, There are different levels of Reiki. The Reiki level 1 student learns to do practical healings and send the healing a short distance. The Reiki level 2 student learns symbols so that they can send healing energy a vast range. That distance in the past, present, or future. At this level, the healing power it sends out is more durable than Reiki Level 1. Level 3 and Master Levels are often combined in the same formation. At the masters level, the student learns new, more potent symbols and has the opportunity to become a teacher. It is only on the teacher’s level that one can open to others the power to heal.

For example, Animal Reiki is a healing technique and a fantastic form of spiritual healing for your pet. It is a safe, gentle, and non-intrusive treatment that allows your pets’ smooth recovery from any physical ailment, pain, injury, or emotional problems.

Pet lovers turn to Animal Reiki to treat animals because it has been reported to improve their pets’ health and happiness and heal them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually using pure vibrational energy and the comfort of their hands.

Animals are highly intuitive and absorb their owners’ energies, including stress, emotional balance, and tension, and are easily unbalanced and unstable due to these negative energies. A Reiki healing session can remove these blocks and free animals of this energy to restore optimal health and happiness.

Reiki is a completely natural form of spiritual healing that allows your pet to heal and maintain optimal health. Many pet owners are drawn to Reiki for animals because they treat without constant costly visits to the vet. Reiki inaccurately heals animals in the same way that it heals people. What is Reiki? in more detail here:

The healing benefits of a regular session on your animals are very comprehensive and very beneficial for the animal before and after surgery and sick or injured animals. The healing power of Reiki is also an excellent form of pain reliever.

During a Reiki session, the practitioner will focus on global energy and transfer it through their hands to the client’s body. Only in case, the animal allows healing to occur will Reiki heal the body down to the cellular level.

Classes are offered for people to become Reiki Teachers and Tutors. If you are a parent, these classes are an excellent opportunity to help your child have another tool in her toolbox. In many cases, you never know what is in store life for you. Or if your kids are pets, this is an excellent gift for them too!

Reiki is not magic or something you should be afraid of. It is an alternative form of treatment that everyone should try, especially if you are concerned about putting unnecessary chemicals in your body to treat a problem. This healing technique is also now used on a global scale to heal the universe and promote peace. You and your pet can encourage the peace world together!

Animal Reiki can be performed by a Reiki Master, although it is elementary to learn yourself. Once you learn Reiki, you can treat yourself and your pets whenever you want, and the best part about it is that it’s free.