Reiki is a healing technique that gives one the privilege of becoming a Reiki healer and assigns the specific therapist responsibilities through which he is trained to live up to a standard. It is not just a “knowledge” of the healing technique and using it whenever it feels like a fad or a hobby.

Reiki healers may have extensive and varied tasks at hand. Perhaps the simplest of these responsibilities should always be in harmony with the divine force of Chi or Ki. That is where the power to heal, and blessing comes from. How does a Reiki healer do this? You should spend enough time in prayer or meditation every day. That should allow you to access this source of power and, at the same time, be able to use it for the benefit of others. The truth about the healing power of a Reiki teacher or practitioner is based on the time spent in prayer and meditation, which strengthens the source of power and prepares it to share and heal others.

Reiki training after the attunement process is essential for the development of healers. Most of the people who follow Tune in believe that they automatically become good healers. The fact is, like any other skill, Reiki needs consistent and committed training. During the attunement, a person’s chakra is activated to access Reiki energy to direct it. If you don’t continue training after that, the chakra, the power portal, becomes inactive. Inactive and unbalanced chakras will not be able to access power well. The more time you spend doing these exercises, the better your Reiki healer will be.

Reiki training that you can do every day:

Reiki meditation: Take the time to meditate for at least 20 minutes a day and direct the Reiki power into your muscles. You do this by entering universal power through your crown chakra, filling your muscles, and descending to Mother Earth. The power will facilitate entry into the state of meditation.

Grounding exercise: After meditation, your body will fill with energy. Too much spiritual power is not suitable for your muscles. The exercise will take care of this. All you have to do is try to get the extra power to flow from your muscles and connect to Mother Earth. By doing this, your spiritual and physical strength will be in balance.

Practice self-healing: A Reiki therapist should do self-healing exercises every day. By performing self-healing, you are clearing your power channel—the cleaner your power channel, the better the processor.

Reiki training should be fun and easy. You will receive a great benefit if you train with a heart full of unconditional love. Unconditional love is a form of energy that connects you to the source.

Keep in mind that since Reiki healers can keep up with this task, they are also tasked with doing the same for themselves: being empowered and in Tune at All times so that they can heal themselves. As a healer, you are blessed with the ability to be good at All times, while at the same time having greater access to the plan and disposition of divine beings and powers. As a healer or Reiki in such a situation, what you said must be a great blessing.

As a Reiki healer, you are also expected to keep your muscles chronically clean, which means it is free of toxic substances. That is because this allows your physical health and constitution to lead to the powerful flow of power through which you work with your hands. The therapist knows that the body is the living vessel through which you are tasked with keeping it clean. Would you instead create your healing method to benefit from it in a somewhat careless and intoxicating way? The medium must be kept pure at All times. That means that you have to be careful even with the quality of the food you eat.

Finally, there must be a commitment to the fact that divine force and energy are not to be used for self-interest. The healer is but an agent of this incredible power, so he should not consider it his property and be the real cause of healing. A true Reiki healer understands that he is the patron of this divine power, not its owner!