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You are what you eat!

Poor air quality, food and water are sending the modern body into metabolic decline. At Gainsborough Health & Fitness we understand the importance of high quality organic/free range foods, where possible, to provide the body with the appropriate fuel.

Eating and exercising correctly are key to helping your brain and body function, so that they can cope with the strains of modern living. Whether it is breakfast, lunch or supper, when you order food from our club-room you can be certain that:

  • Our foods are organic/free range, where possible, free from preservatives and pesticides
  • The menus avoid high glycemic foods ( apart from the odd treat!)
  • All foods are jam-packed with the nutrients, antioxidants and metabolites we all require.
  • Water provided at the club is filtered to remove unwanted chemicals to ensure that you get the purest water available in all of your refreshments including the ice!
  • We aim to cater to those with needs such as wheat or gluten free foods, vegetarian etc.

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