At Gainsborough Health & Fitness we are inclusive. Everybody deserves to be fit. Our experience in tailoring exercise regimes appropriately ensures your progression, and keeps interest levels high.

The gym

What makes our gym special?

GHF combines tried and tested sports medicine with a contemporary, holistic approach to training. We aim to provide our members with functional, integrated training programs. You won't see our members sitting on numerous rows of machinery looking bored! Our exercise programming ensures that you are conditioned according to your needs. That means a high carry over to your work or sports environment. We use cable machines, free weights, Swiss balls, and other equipment, complemented with a full range of cardiovascular machines to ensure you hit those elusive targets. At Gainsborough we do not sit you on fixed weight machines which can compound the dysfunction created by the seated lifestyle of today. If you have belonged to a chain of gyms in the past and not achieved your goals, consider our new unique approach as your answer.

  • Fully integrated training gym
  • Range of cardiovascular machines with cardio theatre
  • Functional integrated exercise programming
  • Environment control- up to eight changes of air per hour
  • Personal training
  • Gait analysis
  • To keep focus on you as a member we have capped our membership to ensure that each member receives optimal attention.

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